Have you considered hardwood flooring for your remodel?

It’s well worth your time to take a few moments to consider hardwood flooring for your remodel. These floors cater to every need in every room, with outstanding results. Even in busy areas, these floors make more sense than other floor coverings.

Taking the time to learn more about these materials means you'll get some fantastic results. But, of course, your flooring match matters, and that's why we work closely to ensure your best floors. So, here are some ideas for getting the most from your remodel.

The best-looking hardwood flooring is here

When you need a perfect décor match, consider the many ways to customize this floor covering. Start with a unique hardwood flooring species type, with graining, color, and format choices that work. And finish with a fantastic installation layout that can change everything about your room.

Some visuals are more popular, like light stain colors and textured finishes. But whitewashed wood trends are also a superb choice, especially for farmhouse or rustic visuals. Be sure to consider all the popular options that could meet all your décor needs.

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Enjoy an outstanding level of durability and more

Durable floors make more sense in a home where activity levels are high. If you are a parent or pet owner, wood floors supply a wealth of durability options that cater to your needs. You can choose thicker flooring, wear layers, and protective coatings, for fewer signs of wear.

The more durable a product is, the longer lifespan it provides as a result. With proper care, you’ll see wood floors can last more than 100 years, so you’ll never have to replace them. Share your requirements with us today so that we can match you with the perfect products.

You should know that installation must start with an acclimation period of one to three days for solid and engineered wood flooring. The time frame varies due to the humidity levels in your home. If you have questions about the process, feel free to ask.

We'll make sure you find the best hardwood flooring

At Carpet Direct Woodward, OK, we cater to all your flooring needs, from smallest to largest. We aim to create flooring you can live on, and we'll show you how. So, please spend time with our associates to get the best results while you're here.

For the best hardwood flooring, you can visit our showroom in Woodward, OK, any time you're in the area. We're proud to provide hardwood flooring to residents from Woodward, OK, Seiling, OK, Dodge City, KS, Enid, OK, Fairview, OK, Shattuck, OK, and Woodward, OK. Stop by today, and we'll get started on your remodel of any size.